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Root Canals from Experienced Dentists in St Augustine, FL

Find the relief you need from the pain and misery that comes from an infected tooth at Morse Family Dentistry. We offer the treatment you need to achieve better oral health. When you visit our experienced family dentists in St Augustine, FL, you and your loved ones can get right to the root of the problem before the pain becomes unbearable.

Left alone, an infected or damaged tooth can develop into a day-ruining and all-consuming problem that only gets worse over time. From meals to workday presentations, dental issues interrupt some of your most enjoyable--and important moments. Let us restore your smile and return you to loving your favorite foods and communicating clearly with our root canals.

Making Your Procedure Easy

Too often, patients risk the integrity and wellbeing of their teeth because of how intimidating it is to visit a dentist. At our office, you’ll find qualified, compassionate, and experienced professionals who prioritize your health and comfort. For more than 50 years, our team has helped people across the First Coast save damaged and infected teeth with quick, effective surgical procedures that put an end to pain.

We provide you with the treatment you need as quickly as possible so that infections have less time to spread and you find relief sooner. No more painful than the average filling, our approach to performing a root canal focuses on gentle care that gets results. Plus, we’re available for emergencies.

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The Trusted Emergency Dentists

It’s important to know the warning signs of a badly damaged tooth. Visible cracks and exposed nerve endings are the most obvious, but you’re likely to experience pain or discomfort before these symptoms. Don’t wait to get these issues checked out by a professional.

With our emergency services, you can find the help you need before things get worse. If you’re uncertain whether your issue counts as an emergency, let our team assist you. We can set up the right appointment to meet your needs as quickly as possible, reducing the chance of worsening damage and giving you a healthier mouth when it matters most.

Root Canals Or Extractions: Which Is Right for You?

Understanding all your options when you experience tooth damage is an import part of getting the best care. We offer both procedures, so our office can always help when you need us. Plus, we can perform any additional restoration required after your surgery. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for certain what the best procedure is for you without an examination. The good news is that we can handle that, too. Work with our team to find out how we can help and enjoy the highest standard of care no matter what you choose.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our dentists. We proudly serve St Augustine, FL, and the surrounding areas.